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Conformity Schemes


Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC) is an Abu Dhabi government entity consisting of a council of regulators with a mandate to ensure provision of quality infrastructure in line with global standards, and to support regulators and government organizations through offering quality and conformity facilities, expertise and resources, promote a culture of quality towards consumer safety and protection, raise quality of local products and ensure exports meet international standards.


Water Fixtures Conformity Scheme


The Water Efficient Fixtures Conformity Scheme, developed through consultation with regulators and industry, enables suppliers of water fixtures to obtain voluntary certification of products that meet the Abu Dhabi's Urban Planning Council’s sustainability criteria and the standard or equivalent outlined by the Abu Dhabi International Plumbing Code issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs.


The scheme has been specified for six Water Fixtures to ensure efficient water usage:


1. Public and private bathroom taps

2. Shower heads

3. Kitchen faucets

4. Bidets

5. Urinals

6. Toilets (duel flush)


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